Our World– A Poem

“…welcome to our world.”


Two Worthwhile Articles On Homeschooling

From a DailyCaller article talking about Common Core; read it here: “It is a folly to think that raising America’s international test scores will automatically improve America’s education quality or economic competitiveness. A paper by Christopher H. Tienken, an assistant professor at Seton Hall University, notes: “According to the World Economic Forum (Schwab 2009), the…

Homicidal Books Now?!?!?!

So most of you have read my first true post about the homicidal squirrels I have to deal with in my backyard. Thankfully, about November, the frost hit and their supply of acorns ran out. So I’m safe… for now. But last night, half the books on the shelf above my bed went tumbling off.…

Debating Homosexuality

This isn’t a debate for homosexuality. Actually, I have no intentions of debating it here at all. While that blog post may eventually come, this isn’t it. Rather, this is simply to provide you guys with a link to an article that I found interesting. I especially like comment number 12. Happy reading!