Our World– A Poem

So, I’ve been really busy lately, and haven’t had a lot of time to do anything else other than stare at a few select books, understand their contents, and regurgitate what I absorbed onto pieces of paper to determine my potential collegy…ness. BUT I did read a poem by a friend of mine who didn’t want to be specifically named, so I’ll just give her initials. She’s a great poet and very good at getting across exactly what she wants to share. I’d share others of her work, if I had the permission. But she did give me permission to share this because I think it aptly describes a good deal of our world’s problems. So without further ado…

Our World

We now live in a world where:
An illusion is preferred over reality,
And “truth” is a conspiracy;
Slavery is freedom,
And all work is hard work;
Logic makes no sense,
And school does not educate;
Our faith lies in those in power,
And materialism is the new religion;
Blood is not always family,
And our tools are our best friends;
Friends are enemies disguised,
And love is equated to lust;
Peace is fought for,
And humility is weakness;
Priorities come last,
And talent is disability;
The wolves are the sheepdogs,
And the Shepard is ignored;
Our way of life leads to death,
And our medication vitiates;
Sanity is madness,
And creativity is destroyed;
The past is disregarded,
And the future seems bleak.
Welcome to our world.
~ E. G. S.


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