On Phil Robertson

The DD, “scandal” is becoming absurd. Now people are criticizing him for being a, “meaningless rich hunter?” Get over yourself.

First, the Robertson’s legally made their own money, they don’t live above their means, and they donate large portions of their money to the Church and charity. It’s their money, and hunting is how they made it.

Secondly, their show is not meaningless. There is an important reason they do the show, and it’s the only reason as far as they’re concerned. And that is to spread the Gospel. The Biblical Gospel. Not some modern-day, don’t-offend-anyone, revised-version-of-your-own-everyone’s-personal-truth, “gospel.”

Phil Robertson stated his own views about homosexuality. His views align with the Bible. He even quoted 1 Corinthians 6!

Is this a situation Christians should be concerned with? YES! A&E has fought tooth and limb to keep hunting, prayers, family values, and the use of Jesus’ name out of the show. They were looking for any reason to cut Phil-who was the main fighter for his family’s values-out of the picture. A&E is obviously taking an anti-Christian stance.

Third, and most importantly: this IS a free speech issue. Civic? Of course not. This has nothing to do with the government, so stop inserting that stupid distraction.
I’d like to see somebody get fired from a show for coming out as homosexual. You know as well as I do that it would NEVER happen. NEVER. Can A&E do whatever they please? Sure. Does that mean that THEY will not suffer the consequences? Nope. A&E just committed corporate suicide. BUT to presume that there is NOT a double standard in this nation is delusional and absurd. That’s where I stand on this.

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