My Opinion on Egypt

“Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men!
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echos the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!!!”

Okay, so…

Really? So we don’t like, but at least can get along with a crazy leader, and when the people revolt and throw him out with the support of the military, we support it? Okay. I understand and support that. Dictators, no matter what the circumstances, should never have support by us.

Fast-forward two years later. New, democratically elected president starts seizing power and magically all his opposition starts dying off, going to prison, etc. and he magically gets a new constitution passed. So the people and military peacefully protest, saying, “we didn’t get rid of one dictator for another.” This is amazing! The people of Egypt truly love liberty and desire it for themselves!

So the military simply says he isn’t their commander in chief anymore and appoints an interim-president, who by the way is some low-level parliamentarian, until new elections can be held to replace him and reelect the parliament, which by the way (if I remember right) was disbanded by aforementioned would-be dictator.

The people are generally happy. Yes, there are rioters, but aren’t the rioters the ones we should never listen to anyway? After all, if you can’t peacefully protest, you have no real point. Your, “cause” is nothing more than a reason to riot.

And in all of this, President Obama doesn’t stand by the people of Egypt? No, “hey, good job protecting your liberty and stuff!” But what really makes me mad is Rand Paul. Really, sir? You of all people shouldn’t be calling this a, “military coup,” especially considering that’s not what this is!

A military coup tends to be when some general shoots the president and seizes power for himself. But, hello, reality is calling. Morsi is alive and well. He’s not even in prison, right? He was just simply disposed by the American-style Egyptian military (it’s all volunteer, and mostly made up of rank-and-file private citizens).

Let me sum all of this up like this: what’s happening in Egypt at the moment is what would happen here, in America, if a president tried to run for a third term, or declared himself dictator, or whathaveyou.

“I’m the new dictator!” “Nope. You’re insane, is what you are. And you’re also no longer the Commander-in-Chief. We are no longer listening to you. Goodbye.”

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