Two Worthwhile Articles On Homeschooling

From a DailyCaller article talking about Common Core; read it here:

“It is a folly to think that raising America’s international test scores will automatically improve America’s education quality or economic competitiveness. A paper by Christopher H. Tienken, an assistant professor at Seton Hall University, notes: “According to the World Economic Forum (Schwab 2009), the United States has ranked either 1st or 2nd consistently in economic competitiveness since 1998. … Keep in mind that that U.S. students never scored in the top two spots on any international test during this same period or any prior time.”

And then THIS

I will say this about Duke: the folks at Duke aren’t fools. They know that the RTP area has a much higher population of homeschoolers than almost anywhere else in the nation. And they know that most of us would prefer to stay near home and our families. So of course they recruit homeschoolers! Plus, our added academic scores make them more famous, which makes them more money… anyway. 😉

And don’t even get me started on the whole, “socialization” nonsense. You mean to tell me that I don’t get properly socialized when you sit in an assigned chair, with an assigned partner, in an assigned room, for eight hours a day, five days a week, nine months out of the year, for thirteen years of your life? Yeah, right…

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