A friend of mine from FBC posted this on his facebook the other day. I thought it was pretty awesome and he gave me permission to share it.

“God is so kind, that He has so fashioned man’s soul that its utmost joy, pleasure, and satisfaction is the glory of its Creator. The universe existed for His glory before man ever was, and would have done so even if God’s glory was man’s hell. God’s greatest gift to man is that man’s greatest end is the glory of God, and He can personally and joyfully experience God in a way that is vastly superior to any unconscious creation. Our Creator did not have to, and was under no obligation to design man in such a way, thus His benevolence and kindness shine forth towards man in unfathomable ways. How much more disgraceful is it then, that man tramples over all of these precious and infinite graces and lusts after everything that destroys his own soul, mocking this beautiful gift by debasing themselves in any and all things that steal this glory from God. And underneath all of the superficial justification for such actions, they do so for the sole reason that they may be their own gods.

How much even more kindness has God shown, if it could possibly be imagined that any more could be given to man, by giving these criminals and debasers of creation His only begotten and precious Son to bear these hideous perversions and redeem them from their own willful rejection and scorn of the highest gift a creature could have? By right, all of them should have been cast forever into infinite darkness for such treason against Beauty’s kindness and benevolence towards them, but because He is beyond all love and perfection, He has chosen a Bride out of this depravity to live with Him and enjoy Him forever. Not only this, but this redemption has also been accomplished by punishing their wickedness through the infinite lovely Substitute—the only object and Person worthy of God’s own love and affection. This is the Gospel. This is the good news. How can we not love such a One? Such a Being as this? He is the most delightful Treasure of the human mind and heart. He is the absolute satisfaction of our every need and desire, and He has perfectly fashioned our souls to perfectly relish in Him if we so chose.

The tragedy of the soul that never catches a loving glimpse of Him; the fallen heart that can only look at the Source of all goodness and satisfaction to his own soul with terror and hatred. What a nightmare. What a hell. Such a tragedy is worth weeping a thousand lifetimes over even for a single soul. It is the perfect tragedy…” — Kevin P. McAloon


He’s a pretty cool guy. If you have the pleasure of meeting him, do get to know him.

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