What the Libertarians Need to Do to Become a Major Party

For a long time the Libertarians have been a third party with some good ideas, but the majority of whose members just stand around and complain about how they are not a major party. Honestly, I think a lot of people WANT a third party. But the LP has to do a few things first if they want that to happen. Also, thanks to my father who just so happens to be a Libertarian for some ideas and advice as I wrote this. So here they are:

1) Build An Actual Party
      A. Starting at the local level, and building their way up. From their beginning, the LP jumped right in… to national level politics. This means that they do not have a very solid and stable party base. If the LP wants to grow, and eventually start winning elections, they need to start working at a grassroots level, going door-to-door, reaching out to people. They need to ally with a large-ish already established PAC that has some name-recognition across both sides of the aisle. And speaking of name recognition, see point six. But since Pt. 6 refers back here…

If the LP starts at the local level, they will start electing city/county boardmen, and then mayors. Then they can move up to state house/senate races, and eventually, gubernatorial and congressional races. Following this progression (and the door-to-door tactic), their candidates will start getting name recognition! The LP needs to stop trying to get federal positions without working at the state level first. Build your party from the ground up, guys!

B. I mentioned that the LP doesn’t have a very solid or stable base. My dad said this is because, “there is no set definition on what a libertarian with a small ‘L’ is.” In other words, they need to pull together, get a full party platform written, and then set to work.

Now I understand that the LP prizes individualism, and thus most Libertarians don’t work well together. But this is simply because there are, “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” They need to get over themselves, put capable leaders in charge of the party, and deal with it until the next primary elections if those leaders do something they don’t like. But if they want anything to happen, they need to just stick with their party, in the good time AND bad.

Subpoints A and B are equally important, and while the rest of this list isn’t written in any particular order of importance, I made point one, “Point 1” for a reason. It is the most important thing on this list, and if the LP does all of these things, but doesn’t do point one, then as I said, nothing will happen. It is vital to their getting anything done. So much so, they can not do other stuff on this list, but as long as this section is followed, good things I see for the future of the LP.

2) Modify Their Position on Drugs
Most people know that the complete legalization of all drugs can never realistically happen. Marijuana is a different matter, and I personally am not sure where my stance on its legalization is yet. But if anything, that should be the only legalized drug. Sorry guys.

3) Completely Reform Their Foreign Policy
      Fact is, while most Americans agree with the LP on their domestic policy, the foreign policy is terrifying.
A. Being isolationist is no longer practical in the modern world. We are the leading super-power, and if we leave that role, then who will step in? Well, what happens every time good guys leave the leading role? Not so good guys take over. Simply put: who do you want in charge? The USA, or the fascist (communism didn’t really work out for them, or anybody for that matter) Chinese? Or the pit in the ground that is modern Russia? Or who knows what? As for me, I’d kinda prefer that the Allies stay in power, thank you very much.
B. Should we be getting involved in every little war or skirmish that happens around the world? No. But I would much rather have Forward Deployment, and be able to crush our enemies swiftly and utterly, then have another First and Second World War situation where we send/sacrifice the small standing army we have into a bloodbath while we take a year to wake up the sleeping giant.
C. Sometimes we must take the initiative and start the war first, so as to have the upper hand. Waiting in the name of peace, all the while letting your enemy build up his strength for the inevitable war, is a terrible idea. This is the mistake that the British and French made before WWII in not taking on Hitler while they had the upper hand. And we all know what happened then.
D. Even if you disagree with Subpoint C, you must agree that once attacked, we have every right and the duty to our posterity to fight back. Again, fully, utterly, and swiftly.
E. This is the point on which I agree with them however: NO MORE NATION BUILDING. Fight your enemy, then leave, and let the people rebuilding their own nation, to their standards. The whole idea of self-rule that our Founder’s had, you see?

My paternal grandfather in the Pacific Theater. See the wild monkey he became friends with?

Grandpa Owen in the Pacific Theater

4) Stop Complaining
If they want to be taken seriously by anybody, they have to stop acting like 7 year olds and grow up. Just deal with that you are not currently a major party, and instead of whining over it, take action to work at it instead.

5) Stop Talking About:
how they are the ones who REALLY represent the views of our Founders. They don’t. Nobody does anymore. Socially, they would probably lean Repub, economically, Libertarian. Or better yet, the majority of our Founder’s were Classic Liberals (NOT the liberals we have today, mind you). So again: NOBODY represents the views of our Founder’s truly anymore.

6) STOP TAKING FAILED CANDIDATES FROM THE REPUBLICANS! If they want any credibility, they need to ditch Ron Paul (I know, I know, but hear me out) and any others (like Gary Johnson) who couldn’t get the Republican nomination due to power players like Romney, McCain, Santorum, Bachman, (and I hate to say it) Gingrich, and get their own candidates. But this can only be done by referring to point one.

7) Stop Dressing Up at Their Conventions
Really. They did this in 2012. They came from far and wide dressed as their favorite Founding Father. It’s not a serious political convention, it’s just a pro-American version of comic-con. Again, referencing point one (seriously, it’s that important; thesis’ are wonderful!): build a serious party platform!

Now, I’ve heard a reply to this comment in person before that, “so does the tea party.” However, the difference is that the Tea Party is not trying to become a major party. They are simply trying to make a point to the Republican establishment. Quite simply, if a Republican or Democratic chairman dressed up like Thomas Jefferson, they would be taken to the nearest mental health facility.

8) Focus On Specific Races
If the LP will focus on a few key, central elections, that will also help get some name-recognition. But what I see is this: if they pool and pour their resources into a few races, their likelihood of getting elected gets higher, rather than if they had thrown their resources nationwide. Nationwide means less they can do in a certain area. If they can successfully throw attacks at both sides however, then they’re getting somewhere. Nothing says that you’re becoming important like becoming a nuisance that, “needs to be dealt with!”

Basically, when the Republicans and especially the Democrats have to start fending off attacks from the LP, the first true American Third Party is being born.

P.S.– While yes, I said that they need to let Ron Paul, “retire,” Rand Paul? I personally am really starting to like the guy. Didn’t know much about him before the filibuster, but now? Well, 2016 will be my first Presidential election where I can vote. And I would gladly throw in my ballot for him. As for poor Rubio… he needs to let the immigration bill DIE.

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