Boston, West

Again, just like Sandy Hook, there are no words to describe such a tragedy.

So let’s focus on the good. As people followed their instincts and ran away from the blasts, brave firefighters, National Guard troops, and police officers, as well as several amazing people who were justly standers, ran towards the blasts, knowing there was a possibility of a secondary explosion, a time-proven war tactic. Nonetheless, they ran in anyway.

The runners who kept going, finding a hospital, and going in to give blood…

The police officer who, while Boston was on lockdown, bought a family who couldn’t leave their home two gallons of milk…

The doctors and nurses who worked overtime and came in before the recall orders were given to help…

The families of the dead and wounded who so desperately need our prayers right now…

These are who we must remember from Boston. We responded to 9/11 right: most people can’t tell you the names of the hijackers. But they can tell you the names of the heroes who stood out to them.

Again, we must do the same.

And let us not forget West, Texas. These poor people. Their town has been destroyed. Have you seen the video of the explosion yet? It’s amazing. The sheer power and force of the blast leaves you with no other conclusion that they are still going to have to find bodies. They have 16 people right now, and another 60+ that are unaccounted for and feared dead.

I think I heard that half the town was leveled? Either way, if they didn’t die in the blast, many houses were collapsed, many buildings are structurally unstable. People are dead, and they just haven’t found them yet. The death toll from this disaster will be over 80 when all is said and done with.

Don’t forget West, Texas in your concerns for Boston. These poor folks are arguably worse off. Their entire town has been wreaked, in a way they can not recover from as quickly as Boston will. So many people are dead or wounded…

Please, pray for the people of Boston, and don’t forget West, Texas either. Pray especially the first responders. The PTSD they’ll suffer from these tragedies will severely mess up their lives. Let us not forget them. Ever.

But why, in six months, will we have done so? What does that say about this sad culture we live in?

2 thoughts on “Boston, West

  1. You brought up the question about why is it that in six months many of us will have forgotten about these tragedies. There are a variety of reasons, but as I have been praying for the people in West and Boston, something came to my mind that I would like to share.

    Is it that we forget that as Christians we are completely made right in Christ? When these shocking disasters happen, we feel a sense of guilt that our lives are unaffected while others are suffering, so we feel that something is wrong with us and try to remedy this through prayer and remembrance of the victims and their families. But, as the feeling of “wrongness” about our selves passes with time, unfortunately so goes the prayers in many cases. I’ve had this happen to myself repeatedly in the past.

    But all of this is rooted in the mentality that something is wrong with us and we have to make ourselves right. If we constantly remember that we are truly made righteous in Christ (Romans 5), then instead of praying out of a sense of guilt (which passes with time), we pray from the deepest desires of our heart (which we always retain as new creations in Christ).

    What do you think about this?

  2. Last week was certainly a disastrous week in multiple places. A series of bombings in Iraq killed over 40 people and injured over 200, and there was a severe earthquake in China with a death toll of almost 200 so far. Let’s include these people in our prayers too.

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