Hello world, and Hello Glory!

So to give a brief update on how life has been recently around here…

My first, and so far only, niece was born on Saturday, April 6!

Here are her statistics:
Autumn Noelle
April 6th, 2013
Time of Birth: 5:52PM
Weight: 7lbs. 12.9oz.
Length: 21″

She’s an adorable little thing, with wide, curious eyes every time she’s awake. And she doesn’t hesitate to let us know she’s awake either! She’ll let out a little cry or something, and just seems to wait for us to come running. Does she have us wrapped? Yeah. Pretty much. πŸ™‚

Also, her chord has already fallen off, and she’s already attempting to raise her head! And she’s doing pretty good at that. She can move her head on her own to change from side-to-side, and for a short time, with her on ones chest, she’ll raise her head and look you in the eyes for about thirty seconds!

She’s a smart little thing, who likes being carried around outside, and Samuel, you’re gonna like this, she loves classical music. Kicks her feet to it (about as in time as a newborn can get), and, after a while, falls asleep. Now, we tried introducing her to bluegrass, and some traditional country, but I guess it was too much for her to handle. Maybe I’ll try some different selections next time…

And dad, my grandpa, and I have already decided that we’re going to begin the, “teaching” process politically for her starting now. We’ll teach her to not only vote Republican, but to know why she’s voting Republican, and to give her enough common sense to vote for the Libertarian if the GOP candidate is a “moderate” otherwise known as a compromiser, but not to do so when doing that would split the votes giving the democrat victory. πŸ˜‰

Concerning my illness, POTS, that I’ve been dealing with since July and that I have written about twice now: I’m seeing a cardiologist at Duke who is known for working with POTS patients, although he stresses that he’s not an expert. But hey, if he can help get my heart rate and blood pressure back to manageable levels again, I don’t care. So for this month I’m on an electric heart monitor that records my heart rate, patterns, etc. and sends the info back to the main place in Houston, Texas. They want to see how often my heart is being tachycardic, how irregular the rhythm is, etc. and use that information to try and figure out how to treat my case.

In the meantime, I’ll be here, continually itching with these electrodes stuck to my chest…

So, I follow the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s facebook page, and I was very saddened to hear of the passing of a great singing icon that I truly admire. Mr. George Beverly “Bev” Shea, of Montreat, NC, passed away Tuesday evening following a short illness. He was 104.

His version of, “The Love of God” is etched into my brain. He is a great man, and continues to be, though he now sings with the angels their song, before the God who loves him so. He is definitely having the time of his life, now that the time of his life is over.

I had really wanted to meet him (Billy Graham, you better not go home yet!), but I guess I’ll have to wait another 60-80 years (what? Folks in my family live long lives…) or so now!

So, I’ve been kinda busy with the new niece being here and all, but I’ll try to keep the blog updated as often as I can. Don’t worry little WordPress site; I don’t intend on completely forsaking you!

Great. I’m talking to my blog like it’s real. Maybe I need to spend a little more time with people who aren’t two weeks old…

Oh yeah, and today we learned that there’s enough redstate democrats who fear for their seats more than they fear Obama. Hooray for accountability to the people (such a foreign concept to the man who seems to like every other foreign idea)!!!

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