SCOTUS Decisions

So most of you know that I take a conservative, Christian view on homosexuality. The Bible says it is a sin, and so I cannot condone it anymore than adultery  And I’m not going to debate this.

I’m posting this to say my political thought on the upcoming Supreme Court decisions.

The SCOTUS should uphold the California law, as I believe this is an issue that belongs to the States, not the Feds. The people spoke, and so it ought to be. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you can probably tell I’m a big States Right’s kind of guy and that I believe the Federal government should stay out of stuff that isn’t their business.

As for the DOMA law, I will be fine with either way they decide.

3 thoughts on “SCOTUS Decisions

  1. If the Supreme Court rules against DOMA, is there any immediate change that is going to take place? I know that DOMA defines marriage as one man and one woman where the federal gov is concerned, but marriage was between one man and one woman long before DOMA came along. I’m a little confused based on the things I’ve read online.


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