Praying for Rome

First off, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. My POTS symptoms have been acting up rather unkindly, and I have also had one heck of an upper respiratory infection for the last week. Aaaaaand, now everybody else in my family has it. Sorry guys…

I’ve also been working on the subject matter for some upcoming posts. Most are still being ran through my head, but some are already written down and are being edited currently. So it may be a little while. 🙂

So, for the meantime, let me ask you to pray for Rome. As I have no doubt that you have heard by now, the RCC has a new pontiff! Pope Francis I was crowned today, and he seems to be a reformer. Will he be evangelical? Will he bring an end to the bureaucracy? Will he excommunicate the sex abusers once and for all? Only time will tell, but let us pray for the best for him, even if we aren’t Catholic. The Pope has much, MUCH influence in the world among many Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and his leadership can make or break the world’s view of Christians.

So pray for Rome, and pray for Pope Francis, eh?

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