Highway Theology

As we were going down the highway into Durham, I started thinking.

The way the bible, particularly the Gospels, is written is sometimes described as boring and dull. Folks say that they’re hard to understand. First off, if you can spend an hour on facebook reading stuff, you can spend an hour reading in the bible. Secondly, if you make an effort, you can read the Gospels quite enjoyably.

But here’s my biggest point:
The Gospels are not meant to be entertaining. They are written in such a way to be matter of fact, to be blatantly honest about the facts, about the Truth. They are written to stun us with the sheer magnitude of what happened. Stun us into repentance, and submission.

The bible isn’t a story, it’s an account of what actually happened! And I believe it’s about time we start treating it as such.

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