Pray for Noah Bacon

There’s a guy named Noah Bacon that really needs our prayers. This strikes home to me because I think I’ve had (slight) interactions with him before. But whether or nor I have, here’s what I know: his name is Noah, he’s 16, he sorta looks like me, and we know some of the same folks. His mom, Clarissa, was actually the treasurer at FBC up until a short time ago, and his family also used to go there, so we know a lot of the same folks. They now go to the summit, so that makes the mutual friend pool bigger. He was in a freak car accident a few days ago on the 17th, and has been in a bad condition since. He is currently in a medically induced coma, but they are trying to bring him out of it slowly. I’ll spare some time and give a link to a page a guy who knows him better wrote about his accident. This is it. Hopefully this link will allow for you to pray for him better. I hope you’ll take a few moments in the next several days to pray for him without ceasing. The Bacons have been great witnesses to the power of God and the hope that they have, even though there is a chance that they might lose their son. God is faithful and He has a plan for everything, and we know that He works all things for good for those who love God (Romans 8:28). So we can trust that His will be done. Please pray for Noah, and his family, too. They are going through a hard time right now just as much, so let’s lift them all up in prayers and give God the glory for the work we know He has done in Noah’s life, and the work we hope He will continue in Noah’s life. Thanks, and have a good evening.

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