Steubenville Case (Edited)

Ok, this case is sad. Horrible, really.

A 16 year old girl in Ohio was gang raped by at least two 16 year old males. There is video of the boys with several friends thinking she was dead and saying they didn’t care, among other vile things concerning the rape. There is currently an investigation into whether or not these other boys were involved as well. There are other photographs of the girl unconscious during the rape that were sent via text to other students in the school. There has been a scandal because the accused were the stars on the school football team concerning how much the authorities might have been covering up the case to protect the football team

If I had my way, all convicted rapists would be executed. It is a crime, in my mind, on the level of murder. Only reason it isn’t worse is because nothing is worse than murder.

Here’s how they should charge them:

  • 1 count of rape
  • 1 count of attempted murder
  • 1 count of assault
  • 1 count of juvenile perversion, making them registered sex offenders

If convicted, execution awaits. A close family friend and I were talking about it and she suggested public flogging. I think that’s a great idea. It certainly works in other countries (mostly the pacific ones that aren’t controlled by Jihadists). I suggested a public hanging. If they made her rape public in the way they did, then their execution should be public as well.

OR, we could just tie them to chairs and stick them in a room with her… and give her a bat… and let her have at ’em…


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