Joy-An Irish Christmas

Last night was great.

I attended DPAC for the first time to see the Keith and Kristyn Getty concert, Joy-An Irish Christmas.

Durham-Raleigh is the only city in America to have had them come all three years in a row that they have done the tour. And they announced they’d make it a tradition, so I imagine they’ll be coming back next year.

They first came three years ago to my church, First Baptist, Durham, for their concert, but I was unable to come because I had a prior commitment. So this was my first Getty concert. It is definitely an experience worth participating in. I would highly recommend it.

I saw many people I know, sang with everybody there. It’s amazing to hear that many people worshipping at the same time. I’ve listened to live worship CD’s before, and they’re great too, but nothing comes close to actually being there.

If you ever have the chance to go to a Keith and Kristyn Getty concert, GO!!! You won’t regret it. And you’ll likely go back year after year.

In fact, make an excuse: make it part of your advent.



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