Words That Just Won’t Help

There are no words to describe how America, how the world, feels today.

I can’t even begin. Some are already trying to polarize this. They won’t dare. If they dance in the blood of these children, 12 little girls, 8 little boys, 6 women trying to protect them, then they will pay. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian. This must not become political.

This is like 9/11. Not Republican, not Democrat, but America.

Rev. (Gov.) Huckabee is speaking live. He normally doesn’t do that. He has a good point. Throw out all morals, what do you think will happen?

Pastors are the best to respond. Not politicians.

What have we done? God, help us. We are destroying ourselves. Help us make sense. Help us return to you, our King, from our rebellion. Forgive us our sins.

Revive us again.

Pray for Newtown. Pray for America.

I think this is best left uncategorized.

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