Winter in Durham

Where’s the snow?

I mean, I get it. This is North Carolina. But we do get snow sometimes. We actually got several inches in 2010. I think it was actually on Christmas to top it off.

The weather patterns have been weird. Last year was a short, mild winter. We had an early spring, summer, and fall. And winter has been trying to push through.

It has been getting cold though. And I mean cold. It usually gets to the low 30s, high 20s when it does. And the next week it’s 72° all day. But that’s just NC. We’re all used to that.

Have I ever mentioned that the cross on here is the cross on the mountain in Rougemont that I have grown quite fond of? It’s nice up there. 276 acres. The road is actually named for it: Red Mountain. Literally, it’s a geographical feature on the map. Beats 650ft. on the map, so it towers over the 575ft. common elevation. It’s nice up there.

But it’s windy in the winter. A biting wind. But that’s ok with me.

I’ve come to love this place. Red clay, hundred foot pines, humidity worse than the heat. Cool streams, deer that aren’t afraid of humans in the back yard. Moonshiners on the state-owned property across from us (more on that eventually). Owls, ravens, hawks, and if you pay enough attention, an occasional eagle.

The people are insane, but in a good way. In the city, there is some disorganized crime, but only in certain areas. It just looks like it because they all lack hope. Meaning. A place in the world.

N. Durham is a Christian retreat (the Catholic church actually has one down the road from me). Central and S. Durham are a mission field. We should get our rest.

But we can’t rest forever. There’s work to do.

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