My Stand On Creationism…

Just so everyone knows, I’m a six-day creationist.

I don’t care if the so called “science” that is being funded by million dollar universities, book royalties, and billion dollar federal grants (see where I’m going there?) says I’m wrong. Aside from the fact that there is plenty of creationists who are good scientists, and that most of the evolutionists heroes were bible-believing Christians, I think that for the believer it really comes down to this: it’s an issue of authority.

Who are you going to believe? Man, or God? If you believe Jesus, who believed the bible was true (John 17:17 is a great example; the context is even better. Just look at who He is talking to!), then you are forced into a corner. “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or Him?”

You are compromising by saying God didn’t create when He said He did just as much as saying Jesus wasn’t born of a virgin. You’re also making God out to be a lying god, which makes Him imperfect, and thus He cannot be the Savior, and so forth. You see the problems that creates.

I also want to make another point. So continue reading to the next paragraph.

You see, science says that virgins don’t have children. Science says that dead men don’t get up and get out of their graves at their own funerals (which has happened several times in the bible). Science says that miracles don’t happen.

But wait, that’s atheistic science. Remember eighth grade? Plain, real, true science is a way of knowing. It is what we see, and know at the time. The one certainty of science is that it is never certain. It can always be changed, because what we know can always be changed. So to those people who saw and lived these things, pregnant virgins and living dead men was science. Just as much as Caesar was emperor.

Concerning the schools; do I want Darwinism struck out? No. Certain things are true. Natural selection for instance does happen. But did it lead to molecules-to-man evolution? Nope. So I think they should be taught side-by-side. Let the families discuss these things, and let people decide for themselves.

Oh yeah. Those creationist scientists I was talking about earlier? You can find them here.

Good evening.

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