Those Racist Republicans…

Well, after hearing Debbie Wasermann Schultz talking about how the GOP is racist, I figured I would tackle this issue.

First, let’s look at the recent controversy about Sen. John McCain slamming Amb. Susan Rice.

As soon as he made the comments about her being “incompetent” and “incapable” of fulfilling her current position, he was slammed as being a racist. How? He was simply making his own observation that if Amb. Rice didn’t know what was going on, assuming that she wasn’t lying to us, then she has no business staying in her current position, let alone Sec. of State. Anybody would understand that, and any reasonable person would agree.

Now, let look at the history of the GOP. First off, keep in mind that this is the party that opposed slavery from its beginning (we were originally known as the anti-slavery party!). We are the party that created and passed the 14th amendment. We supported Civil Rights through Eisenhower and Nixon (Goldwater getting the nomination is a mystery, but so is Kennedy; election 1960 was corrupt either way). Martin Luther King Jr. was a registered Republican.

And keep in mind that we just ran a candidate that is half-Hispanic, his wife is half-Welsh, and that the rising star in the GOP is Marco Rubio, the son-of-Cuban-immigrants-who-will-be-president. Also remember that Herman Cain was a serious contender for the GOP nomination at this time last year. The only reason he fell from grace was because of the graceless Gloria Allred and her baseless accusations of Mr. Cain’s infidelity (the charges were dropped days after he dropped out).

Also, I’d like to point out how the MSM tends to do something very annoying: they talk about how the middle class is growing like it’s a good thing, then turn around and spout off about how the gap between the rich and the poor is growing like it’s a bad thing. I’m listening to Fareed Zakaria right now calling it “unequality” (yes, I know; his grammar mistake, not mine).

But my question is how? How is it bad for the gap to grow? Doesn’t that mean then that the poor are growing more wealthy? That the third class is growing smaller? We should want that! We should also note that this provides for more responsibility. How so? Well, it becomes a given that the rich won’t be to arrogant and make costly mistakes. The risks would be to high.

Of course, this puts us into a type of economic stalemate; no one is taking too big of risks, and so the economy pretty much stays in the same place. Large middle class; mildly-wealthy-by-comparison, slightly mediocre first class; and a third class more or less full of those who feel entitled to everything.

And no, I am not being a racist Republican. The fact is, in our type of society and economy, the only reason you should remain dirt poor is because you don’t really want to work.

Work for a living, people! It creates a good feeling when you receive that paycheck. You value your money more. And that goes for all things. You value everything more when you know that you worked for it. That you deserved it. That whatever it is is yours.

Are Republicans, or for that matter anybody who opposes the Democratic party, racist? Um, I think not. If you think we are, please, leave a comment. I’ll be glad to debate you, according to the preset rules.


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