Read Romans 10-11. Two chapters, that’s all.

Mitt Romney is not our hope, and neither is the man-who-wants-to-be-god Barack Obama. Our hope is not of this world.

Our hope is not in a president, but in the King of Old, the King of the Present, and the King of the Future, King Jesus!

Place your hope and your heart in Him who reigns. He holds this all. And He has preserved a remnant for Himself. This remnant is not political, although it may have some political implications. No, this remnant is the Church! We are the ones who are to bring the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, to the World.

We must preach on the offense of the Cross. And it is that offense that we ourselves must be humbled by.

Peace to you, my friend. But know, true peace is only found in placing your faith in your creator. No, not your father or mother, but God your Father, Christ your Brother, and the Spirit, your Helper.

Romans 10:9

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