Praying… for My Wife

Recently, I decided that I was going to go ahead and take the initiative and start praying for my wife. Of course, I don’t have a wife, and I’m way to young to be married or to seriously consider a relationship of that importance. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot still pray for her.

Why would I pray for my future wife though, and what sort of things should I be praying for her? First off, I think that praying for your future spouse before you are even in a relationship is a good idea. It will start keeping you grounded and help put into focus not only what you are looking for in a spouse, but what God wants you to look for. Things such as being able to evaluate whether or not this person has a committed relationship with God, and how they treat their family now foresets how they will treat you as a husband or wife in the future, etc.

Besides, if you pray for your family and friends right now to be growing in the Lord, don’t you want whomever you will be giving yourself to in the future to be growing in the Lord also?

Of course, I have to bring this part up in this subject; do I have someone who I like? Well, not really. There is a girl I have an interest in right now, but nothing much more then that. I don’t know her as well as I should to be considering anything serious, and since she is a little bit younger than me, and I’m to young to date right now anyway, nothing is happening anytime soon.

Do I pray for her? Yes, of course. But I pray for my wife separately. Here’s why: I simply don’t know who my wife will be. There is just as good of a chance that I haven’t even met her yet just as much as that I already have. And it is far better to leave my longterm feelings for my wife separate from my currently short term feelings for this girl (“short term” I say because I have no idea where this will go). I will not emotionally attach anyone to a label as serious as “wife” until I am pretty darn sure that that is what I intend to make her!

See what I’m saying here? Pray for your wife, as if you have no idea who she is, even if you have a strong relationship that is going places. It is better for you and her, both spiritually and emotionally in the long-run.

Coming soon? A full article about dating, marriage, this thing called courtship, and what we as Christians have to do with these things.


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