What The H*** Just Happened?!?!?!

Sorry for my implied use of language here, if you know me, you know I would never use the actual word in real life/writing. I use it here because there is no other way to explain my shock at what just happened.

Before I progress any farther, let me clarify: I know this might come across as being a sore loser, but what this is isn’t being a sore loser; it’s being a ticked off American.

The Military Vote was counted today. Guess what: Mitt Romney rightfully won this election. Even if one counted the voter fraud that this election was supposedly “won” by, the vote of the US Armed Forces would have thrown the vote in several states, including Ohio and Pennsylvania, in favor of Gov. Romney winning the electoral votes there, and thus the election.

Don’t believe me, believe them:



If you are politically literate, you might know that The Hilll is a respected source of information for both parties in Washington. You might know of The Duffel Blog, but if you don’t, it is a widely read military news website.

These are respected news sources. Expect this to blow-up by tomorrow.

In other news, the DOW closed today at -121. The White House let the Pentagon confirm that Iran shot down a US Drone on November 1 in International Airspace. And reports of blatant voter fraud are beginning, starting with a report (coming from Florida?) that police had to shut down a voting location and “rope it off as a crime scene” when voters and poll observers noticed “Election Judges taking ballots, marking new blank ones, and throwing the originals away then submitting the false ballots.” Allegedly when one voter noticed this being done to her ballot, she confronted the Election Judge about it. She looked at the ballot before she says he grabbed it back from her and submitted it into the machine. She voted for Mitt Romney. He re-voted her ballot in favor of Barack Obama. She called the Sheriff’s office and this case is under investigation.

Just because Obama has already declared victory, don’t think that all is lost. Remember how the Electoral College works: the state General Assembly gives orders to the state’s Elector’s on who they are supposed to vote for when they vote in Washington on December 18. All that has to be done is for the State Legislature’s in the various states already called for the President that actually belong to Gov. Romney to order their Elector’s to vote for Mitt Romney as the state’s popular vote requires it.

So call your State Representative and Senator and the Speaker of the House in your state (unless you live in Nebraska) and demand they order your Elector’s to vote for whomever the popular vote in your state dictates they must vote for. Because with the military vote counted, we should have a President-elect Romney.

You must be the change America can Believe In…

Demand the vote of the Servicemen and Women who fight and die for this country everyday be counted. It is the least we can do to thank them.


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