On Debates and Such (part four; final)

So, I know that the debate was several days ago, and yes I’m late in getting around to this, but this week I just haven’t really had the time. So here it is, the final evaluation of the four Presidential Debates.

Foreign policy is something that a sitting President always has a lead on. But, that shouldn’t mean that he’ll win simply because. Remember, back in 2008 John McCain won the foreign policy debate without much serious challenge. And the last four years have proven that President Obama’s strong point is definitely not foreign affairs. In fact, it’s been his weak point.

So I thought that Gov. Romney might lose, but that was highly unlikely. However, that if he did win, it wouldn’t be the runaway that Sen. McCain had. So I was frankly surprised. I thought Mitt Romney would do better, and Barack Obama would have more substance.

Gov. Romney was shaky at first, but managed to get better near the middle and was strong by the end. President Obama was there alright, but he had a bad performance considering who this debate was aimed at. More on that in a moment.

So who won? Probably Mitt Romney, but just barely. Glenn Beck (again with the good commentary) said in a tweet that “if you wanted R to win, he did. If you wanted O to win, he did.” meaning that they both set out to accomplish their main points. But this debate has a bigger scheme to it: it was aimed at women voters. Along those lines, MR won. BO lost. But why?

Simple: the President came across as a bully in a way. He was derisive and was a scoffer. He didn’t have a point. He was trying to hide that his foreign policy would be more of the same: ignoring rebels and letting them get slaughtered while we get involved in a “potentially deadly” situation, while at the same time insulting our allies and trying to make friends with our enemies. Not good policy. But I’m on a bunny trail…

Mitt Romney on the other hand was gentle, but firm (obviously Mormon daddy, or a good daddy for that matter). Reagan-ish in some ways. How? He sang a simple song that has worked before: Peace Through Strength. In fact, Paul Ryan tweeted exactly that during the debate.

So who comes across better to undecided women, a man who was spiteful and derisive with failing foreign policy, or a man who seems to know what he is saying and proposing so he doesn’t have to attack the other? You figure that out.

So that’s how I think the debate went. Chris Wallace (no relation to William Wallace, Scottish hero? Sad. That guy was awesome) said that if he had been stuck on an island the last four years and was suddenly parachuted into this debate, he would have thought that the President was actually the challenger trying to keep from slipping in the polls, whilst this man called Romney was the incumbent easily keeping hold of a lead. And that is true towards the end of the debate, but during the whole thing? Not so much.

But Gov. Romney accomplished his goal, which was to attract women (no, not to a plural marriage you bad-Mormon-jokes wack jobs) to vote for him. President Obama accomplished his goal of rallying the base again. But that’s just the thing: rallying your base won’t win you an election.

PBO also has been doing something else that has probably cost him votes and will in the future: he has been focusing on social issues when it comes to women. In fact, he has never mentioned the economy as a “women’s issue.” One would think he is of the option that women must be mindless sex-machines who can be appeased by being given government mandated contraception followed by a free trip to planned parenthood. He is oblivious that women care about the economy just as much as men do, and that he has more or less trampled his chances with a middle-class single mother who is struggling. In fact, he has had middle-class mothers on stage before, but only talking about contraception or abortions. That just alienates people.

Another thing; look at who is endorsing the President. Yep. The rich and powerful. By that I mean every celebrity under the sun (or at least in the socially disconnected states of mind the rest of us call California and New York) is pulling for him. And everybody else, whether it be a country music star, retired general, or just a regular preacher is pulling for Romney. The President tried to paint the Governor as someone who is “out of touch” with the middle class and himself as someone who understood our pains and struggles that apparently have to do with contraception and abortion. Mitt Romney’s meager beginnings aside, and the fact that PBO grew up in a well-off neighborhood in Thailand, that strategy failed. Miserably.

So with eight days left, and Mitt Romney holding a lead electorally, the President falls to literal name calling, likening voting for the first time to losing one’s virginity, and sidestepping important issues and questions regarding his leadership. Take Libya for example: we now know that the President sat and watched a live drone-feed for the entire eight hours the attack happens, rejected their calls for help, nor just their prior calls for extra security, but their calls for help as the attack happened, and rather gave stand down orders, twice. Keep in mind, “stand down” means to stop shooting. He wanted them to stop shooting at the guys firing mortars at them. HE WATCHED THEM DIE AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. Then he went to Las Vegas (how in touch with the middle class) to hold a fundraiser.

What kind of Commander-in-Chief is this? Apparently one who cares not for the lives of American servicemen or even Ambassadors.

My family is military. To my knowledge, we have fought in every war America has had. So I’m disgusted. Angry. As every true American should be.

Oh, and did I mention that the CIA thinks that the weapons used in the attack may have been weapons we gave the Saudi’s to arm the Syrian rebels with? Just a closing note…

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