On Debates and Such (part three)

So, I don’t know if you watched the debate, but I didn’t. And no, I didn’t listen to it on the radio this time either.

At least, for the first hour or so. I choose to spend my 9:00 hour watching the Duggar family’s show, 19 Kids & Counting, on TLC. At the half-hour mark, I turned it to the debate to see how that was going. I started screaming “fist fight, fist fight!” (Really, I did. You can ask my family.) I saw Mitt and Obama in each others faces. I liked that. And hey, don’t tell me that you wouldn’t have liked to see the physical thing we call a Romney beat up a Chicago worm/smoker like the President…

At 10:00 I tuned it to the debate entirely (I don’t care for TV much besides 19K&C, debates, and Phineas and Ferb, so to me, there was nothing else on), and didn’t like what I saw.

I noticed that the moderator was completely biased, and so was the crowd. I think Mitt also noticed this, because he was kind of shaky. He was in a bad situation. So I do feel like this debate was purposely set up to be against him and for President Obama.

Don’t even get me started on the moderator. Let’s just say that when she starts campaigning for her preferred candidate, she needs to be forcibly removed. Immediately.

So even though I didn’t see the entirety of the debate, I have seen the clips of the good moments, and this is the conclusion I came to: nobody won this time around.

I agree with Glenn Beck (love him, hate him, he always has a good point, so get over it) on this debate. The President didn’t lose, but he didn’t win, either. The same for Gov. Romney.

Here’s why: the President came across as arrogant and couldn’t give clear answers to policy questions. But Gov. Romney was shaky once he figured out that he was in a hostile environment, and he was no longer the man at the first debate.

However, he did give clear policy answers, and however much the President tried to interupt him, America could still hear him. And he talked numbers. And right now, we like numbers. And if you’re talking numbers, we like you.

Also, the fact that Gov. Romney was obviously in a bad situation might help him: his response was human, and people don’t like when others are thrown into bad situations to try and fool them into supporting the other guy.

President Obama has so far treated the American people like we are stupid in this election. But we’re not. And the way he will be disposed the quickest is if he treats us like we’re stupid.

Which reminds me, have you heard that Gov. Romney is projected to win the Electoral College? Yep. Like it or not, get prepared for a President Romney.

Also, did you watch their speeches at the dinner last night? Repub or Dem, you got to admit, Mitt Romney killed it. The President, eh, not so much.

Gov. Romney made up for his reaction at the debate and attacked the President with humor, wit, and grace, something I think the President wasn’t expecting. President Obama meanwhile was scrambling to recover. He paused a lot in his speech, and his body language showed that he was trying to select from his speech what to say in response. But he just wasn’t able to fire back with a good response.

I liked last night.

Also, I have a big post coming up on Mormons and how we as the Church should react to them. It’s taking a while, but I think you’ll enjoy it. And if you really take the time to read what I write here, thanks. But do know, you probably have a boring life… just like me! 😉


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