Fall in North Carolina

I love where I live.

Up here in North Durham, it’s like a picture from a Thomas Kinkade painting in some places. I live down the street from a working farm. The other day, my dad, little sister Ruthie, and I went up to see the horses which will come up to the fence if they’re in the mood. My street is typical of N. Durham: rolling hills, deep valleys, etc. So the tree line rolling up and down with the trees being different colors was real pretty. I also used to go up every week to a semi-working farm for Appalachian clogging practice (that is real fun. You don’t know fun until you’ve clogged to Foggy Mountain Breakdown) at the director, Gail Lyle’s house (www.littlerivercloggers.wordpress.com). The Lyle’s have about 3-4 horses at any given point. They’ll come and visit too when they want to. Now, the Lyle’s live on a small mountain in Rougemont, with lots of red clay and trees everywhere. It’s a beautiful sight, being the tallest thing in the area, you can see for miles. You can also see the smaller mountains (big hills really) all around. It’s a beautiful sight.

In my part of NC, we started to get an early fall. The barometric pressure changed about early September, but the temps didn’t change until about a week or two ago. And when they changed, they changed. But that generally happens. Actually, it usually does that right before the fair.

Which brings me to the State Fair. In election years, the fair grounds are covered with politicians. Most of the other times, the place is covered with awesome traditional bluegrass, livestock, exibits, and some pretty awesome rides (which I don’t have the guts to ride; I have an extreme fear of heights… yeah, it’s an excuse).

The State Fair also has a new “food” every year that is deep fried. Personally, I would like to try the deep fried pumpkin pie, so hopefully they’ll have it next year. But I think this years new something to try and swallow was some kind of deep fried krispy kreme doughnut burger. Yep. (If you know anything about NC, it’s that KK was created here.) A burger with deep fried KK doughnuts as the buns.

I think we would have to hold Paul Ryan down and force feed it to him…

The clogging group also competes every year. They’ll be there this year too. I won’t. I have my personal reasons why I wouldn’t have been anyway, even if I wasn’t physically able. But I’ll write about that some other time.

Anyway, North Carolina is a great place to live. But if you vote liberal…

Well, Virginia is good too. 😉

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