On Debates and Such (part two)

Well, last night’s debate was… interesting.

I was convinced for a while there, and still am not entirely sure of the other, that the Vice President was slightly drunk. He almost fell out of his chair, he was very loud, he was annoying, his speech was slurry every now and again, and face it, when you picture a drunk person in your head, you see somebody who is interruptive and won’t shut-up and keeps smiling and laughing at awkward moments. I saw an interview with Senate minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell where he was talking about the fact that bourbon was created in KY, and my first thought was that the VP must have had some… or a lot. Actually, they both were allowed three cups of water to have at the desk, but maybe instead of water, some vodka (doesn’t smell and is clear like water) may have made an appearance. But aside from that…

Everyone is talking about Joe Biden’s apparent inability to stop smiling, laughing, and interrupting. But his biggest problem was that he couldn’t give straight answers. He kept making false statements about various things and kept giving numbers that were WAY out there. Paul Ryan however, should have jumped on that right there and then. You would think that with him being the Chairman of the House Budget Comm. he would have known that the VP’s numbers were off without having to think much about it. So that was a fail on his part. He also should have fought more aggressively for his time and his right to speak. But I think that for having a personal friend of the President moderating and thus the debate stacked against him, he did alright. The highlight of the night for Paul Ryan was definitely when he called Vice President Biden out on his constant interrupting, which Repub or Dem, you have to admit that that was uncalled for and unprofessional (Biden’s action, not Ryan calling him out on it). Also, when Rep. Ryan started putting forth Mitt’s tax plan and started embarrassing VP Biden by proving that it HAS been done before, (Biden saying “so you’re Jack Kennedy now?” was his attempt to recreate the 1984 VP debate which was in my option, cheesy. Things that are memorable are done in the heat of the moment, not planned out and let it be known, it isn’t the success he was looking for) Biden should have shut up then.

By the way, the Romney tax plan isn’t new. JFK did it, Reagan did it, Andrew Jackson did something close to it, and so did Bush the Younger. He is proposing that we re-instate the plan done before by our forefathers that has worked and reformat it to fit our generation. And Biden saying that it is mathematically impossible (President Obama’s same argument) just makes him look foolish. It has been done before, it has worked, and we need to do it again. And while they’re saying that something that has historically worked won’t for some reason this time around, are they offering an alternative? Nope.

Also, he apparently never learned the difference between a $1,000,000 and $250,000.

Concerning foreign policy, either Biden is lying out of his mouth about Libya (they didn’t know that the consulate had asked for more security?!?!) or the Commander-in-Chief is apparently, not in charge of his armies. Which of course, is bad either way. So, as I said earlier in this post, he did not give clear answers and is either making false statements or he and the President have no clue what is going on in the military of the United States.

My biggest problem with the debate was that 1) Ryan tried to keep serious but should have gone offensive when 2) it became clear that Biden wasn’t interested in having a serious debate based on facts.

My overall summary of the debate is this: the Vice President’s goal was to rally the base of the DNC because of the President’s failure of a first debate, which he did accomplish. However, it seems that the rest of the American people aren’t that impressed. They didn’t like it. He was frankly rude to Rep. Ryan. He seemed arrogant, and even news reporters who know him personally are saying that he didn’t seem right. So, at the end of writing this, I just convinced myself that he was, in fact, drunk.

Congrats to Paul Ryan. He just won the debate. Why? The Vice President was, um, not really there. 🙂

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