What? A New Jobs Report?!?!

My, my, how the world of politics changes so fast!

So, today we learned that the unemployment rate in America dropped to 7.8% from 8.1% the month before. Some are saying it spells the doom of the Romney campaign. I however, don’t think it does. Here’s why: half-a-point.

Our national unemployment fell only one-half of a point. In the meantime, we still have over 23 million people without work. Fathers, mothers, high schoolers, and college seniors who are mad as —- that the president they voted for expecting a righted economy and plenty of jobs when they graduated and who are now advising the freshmen not to expect anything different for them.

Bottom line is this: we have had national unemployment over 8% for about four years now. Take into consideration that Sen. Obama said that if we elected him we would never see it above 8%. And he’s held it at or above that level for four years. What little job creation he boasts of is only 4.6M. Seriously, Sir? Only four 1/2 million people? When you have 23 million standing around going hungry and watching their kids go hungry too? And you’re telling me that if elected you will add ANOTHER four million? Your opponent is talking about 12 million jobs in four years, 3x the amount per year under you!

In eight years of Romney we will have obliterated almost the entire unemployment rate in the US. Those who are willing to work and want to will have jobs waiting for them. It will be the Reagan years again, but without the threat of external communism and with a better awareness of the environment.

This isn’t the end of the Romney/Ryan campaign. This can be deadly fuel to the fire that has the chance to quench the President’s re-election. But only if Mitt Romney plays it right and makes those points. Only if…

I also want to point something else out: the under-employment rate is 14.7%. That means people have jobs, but only part time. People like my older sister, who works two jobs so she can actually make a sane income. But that in itself is something to note: the number of jobs available were filled to a half-point. My biggest question is how many people in that half-point are working more than one job? One more point: the GDP is growing by just over 1%. Our economy is in a stalemate; don’t let anyone fool you.

Think. Think for yourself and make your decision not on ones personality, but on his record.

I hope to post again either later today or tomorrow concerning the issue of hell, universalism, and the book, Love Wins (in short, it’s heresy).

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