On Debates and such (part one)

Did you watch the First Presidential Debate the night before last? I didn’t. But, I did listen to it on the radio.

I didn’t have that luck though with the Gubnatorial debate between Pat McCoy (who made Charlotte the city it was for the DNC), and Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, who is running, it seems, simply because the Dems need a candidate.

But back to the Presidential debate…
I think everyone agrees, Dems and Repubs alike, that Gov. Romney won the debate. I wasn’t expecting that. At least, not to this degree. I went into this debate thinking that since the main focus was domestic policy, it would be a toss up with Republicans saying Romney won and Democrats saying Obama won. I thought that in reality, Pres. Obama would probably win because he would trip Gov. Romney up over entitlements and Obamacare (Bill Clinton is kicking himself now for everything he said at the DNC). But apparently, Sen. Portman can get a person ready for anything in a debate while Sen. Kerry, well, not so much (you’d think he would do better since he’s done the whole thing before).

I don’t think it got this far, but I think we came close to seeing a 1960 repeat. For those who don’t know, the election of 1960 held the first televised debates in which John Kennedy managed to crush Richard Nixon because viewers saw a calm, collected Kennedy vs. a nervous, sweating Nixon who wouldn’t make eye contact with the camera, the moderator, or his opponent. Historians say Kennedy won the election solely based off of his performance in the debates. Of course, it’s hard to tell anything based off of the first debate, but with the VP debate already in Rep. Ryan’s hands, and the last debate (foreign policy) leaning for Romney-come on, everyone knows that isn’t Obama’s strength, and it’s the debate he lost to John McCain-Obama is backed into a corner. This NEEDED to be his debate. But Al Gore and his idea that it was the altitude aside, let’s stop making excuses: the president simply wasn’t prepared. He thought he would win because of domestic policy, but Mitt Romney crushed him with one, simple little word: Statistics. Facts, numbers, and statistics are something that the president can’t, and shouldn’t (if he seriously wants to win) avoid.

Anyway, if you watched the McCrory/Dalton debate, let me know how that turned out. And I’ll finish this up with one simple conclusion for President Obama: Sir, this is what happens when your wife is staring you down from the front row because you worked on your 20th. Just saying…

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