So, for about six or so months now, I’ve seriously considered writing a blog. But the major reason I haven’t until now was due to one question: why? And, what would I write? Well, I finally figured out the “why” part: a lot of the time I can’t fully express my thoughts on twitter without seriously gutting them down to 140 characters. The “what” part: well, God gave me a lot of “what” recently.

So, even though I figure I’ll write on a lot of things, to make things easier, they’ll probably be somewhat in these categories:

  • Theology
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Life in general (family, friends, school, etc.
  • and Literature (which may fall into other categories, it just depends on the book and what kind of review I am doing of it)

So why did I choose the name, The Reborn Manifesto? Well, that actually wasn’t originally going to be the name. I had wanted to name it Running The Race based off of Hebrews 12:1-2 (sounds like a sermon title). But alas, that was already taken. Then, I was reminded off the song, Manifesto, by the City Harmonic, a Christian harmonic-rock band that I (and several other hundreds of thousands of Christians) like very much. I chose that as my inspiration because it captured something that I find very important, no, essential in the Christian life: church unity. I think C.S. Lewis said it best when he said in his book, Mere Christianity, that the differences that we Christians have are rooted either in high-theology or deep in church history. And so often, we forget those things that truly unite us.

Now personally, I think denominations and the fact certain ones have stuck around for so long is a good thing. Why? Because, it means that there is continual debate about the bible and what it means/says about how we should live our lives. However, I think too much emphasis is put into denominations, and thus we Christians have a tendency to stand around and debate/scream-like-toddlers about our theologies instead of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus and debating Calvinism later. Of course, there are certain things which we still need to debate, because heresies tend to spring up (I’m a six-day creationist and as such, I believe that theistic evolution is destructive to the Gospel, but I’m not getting into that in this post. It shall come though…) and we need to address them to maintain unity and the purity of the Gospel. After all, there is only one Gospel. So yes, sometimes a fight is good in the church. I’ve been in fights in the church. (Heck, I’m currently in a fight in the church!) Some are good, some aren’t so pretty. But most of the time, our fights are caused by selfishness, self-righteousness, and pettiness. This is the kind of divisiveness in the church that I don’t like. But I’m on a bunny-trail now…

So then, why do I like the Manifesto so much? Why did I use it as inspiration to name this blog? Because it calls us to reunite in the basics, the things we all ascribe to (and those who don’t we consider heretics), and to seek first the kingdom and its advancement.

I think that that’s a worthy goal. And hopefully, as more of us Christians get this into our thick skulls, Manifesto and C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity won’t be the only rallying cries. And may that day be soon.




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